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Sue is so passionate about People & Organisations that she set up “ACT to Change” Ltd. to work with individuals and organisations that are struggling with change.

Sue is a coach, mentor, mediator, facilitator and developer who works with organisational, cultural and behavioural change.

She is an accomplished professional with over 18 years experience in organisational development and change management. 

Sue works in the belief that coaching, in whatever context can have an amazing and fast impact on changing performance and behaviour for the better whether it is for the organisation or the individual.

She has over 10 years experience of coaching (including coaching coaches, training trainers, teaching teachers/lecturers and mentoring mentors).

She has spearheaded organisational change projects such as coaching groups and individuals, creating coaching and /mentoring programmes, designing and facilitating corporate leadership and management programmes, including and in consultation with Trade Unions and Industry awarding bodies. She has also set up a number of learning and development functions.

In more recent years, being committed to her own development and potential (to feed her curiosity about change and career transitions for herself), Sue has developed extensive knowledge of leading edge techniques in coaching, mentoring and mediation, while gaining practical expertise and a sound reputation for coaching and developing the potential of many board members, senior executives, managers and staff.