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“Sue Duncan is like the perfect cup of coffee. Her blend of approachability and warmth is balanced with her practical understanding of coaching and mentoring models and approaches. Her ability to achieve a seamless approach, conversationally, belies the depth of her experience and her focus on achievable goals, sensitively reached. Add a good dash of common sense and practicality, and there you have - in my opinion - the perfect coach”.  Director, Strategy Strategy

"Sue Duncan has proved to be an excellent coach throughout the 4 years I have worked with her. Sue has an exceptional ability to accurately assess individual needs and provide them with just the right balance of support and encouragement to unlock their full potential. Sue is also a warm and trustworthy person and this no doubt helps her to gain the confidence of those she coaches so that they are willing to open up, making the coaching all the more effective."  Director Climate Change Programme Delivery, London Development Agency

"In 2007 Mind commissioned Sue as an executive coach to work with our Senior Management Team, in which she has proved to have an exceptional ability to help individuals identify blocks and accurately find solutions. Sue has demonstrated an impressive wealth of experience across the public, private and voluntary sectors. She has a very practical solution focussed approach to whatever you throw at her which is clearly underpinned by extensive theoretical knowledge, training and practice. Her style is accessible, adaptable and very effective. In coaching our executives, Sue shows considerable integrity and genuine commitment to enabling the individuals and the organisation to move forward and successfully implement change." Head of HRD Mind - The Mental Health Charity

 "I have had the experience of Sue Duncan's coaching for a number of years.  Sue has an excellent way of getting the individual to identify where the professional obstacles lie and assisting them in identifying key tools and techniques for over coming this.  I feel that I have really benefited from her support, good judgement and excellent listening skills - all of which I think are key skills for an effective coach." Development Manager, London Development Agency

“It is my pleasure to provide a brief reflection on my experience of Sue Duncan as a coach.  Sue has always been a very approachable, warm and encouraging person.  These attributes really come to the fore in her coaching style which strikes a good balance between being positive, constructive and challenging.  Sue is readily able to diagnose the underlying issues in a situation and I have appreciated how she applies a range of useful techniques and resources to suggesting a way forward.  She's always very astute at understanding the dynamics between individuals and within teams, and quickly comes to grips with what needs to change vs what individuals need to learn to cope with - providing this feedback in a supportive manner”. Project Executive, London Development Agency

About our own continuous development

“As a Certified Trainer of NLP and ex-Director of “Marlin Management Training” & “Marlin NLP”, Sue undertook NLP training with me at both Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels, which consisted of 40 days of face to face training and involved high level of practical coaching training and practical experience. Furthermore, Sue also completed training in, Time-Line™ therapy and assisted on a Practitioner Training, which specifically involved coaching delegates during their training. I am sure Sue will be a credit to the Association for Coaching and continue to develop her skills as someone who always strives for excellence”. - Director, Innovation Training & Development